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About us

Welcome to the website of Wet Sock Interactive,

We are a small and young IT company based in The Netherlands.
On November 14th 2014 we started our work and we are currently busy making our first product.

We aim to make affordable, innovative, easy to use and above all: enjoyable software, apps and games.

We have first-hand knowledge of and experience in our areas and we are a part of our own target audience. This provides us with a clear view of what our customers want. We enjoy making our products and we care deeply about the software, app and gaming communities.

The Wet Sock Interactive team comprises of enthusiasts with strong backgrounds in software development,
gaming and server administration to name a few. We firmly believe in research, which helps us bring you the latest tech and innovations with the aim to provide you with the best experience.

What we do


From fantasy to value

It is one of the key areas of our company and we dare not ignore it, We invest and test to bring you the latest innovations and we utilize new tech to enhance the experience of our products.


We make powerful tools

We apply our backgrounds and experience to provide you with easy to use and powerful tools to help your: Software, App or Game Development company get the job done.


Mobile is modern

In our mobile society we continue to find new and exciting ways to interact with the digital world and the people around us. We want to contribute to this.


Enjoyment is key

As avid gamers we like to take on the challenge of making our own adventures and the experience helps us to sort out what gamers want and how we can provide them with enjoyable games.

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